Removing all DNS-servers from a domain?

Started by rainer_d, November 13, 2014, 01:39:36 PM

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we would like to have the ability to disable a zone, but leave it in the database (with all the records).
Our current system has a flag for that (basically: publish? yes/no).
I thought we could just remove all the check-boxes from the DNS-servers of a domain (similarly via the API) - but that does not work.
NicTool always sets at least one DNS-server.

Is that the intended behavior?

Or what else would you suggest? I don't want to delete the zone. With the new system (with NicTool) we don't have the actual zone record data in our billing-database anymore (which was a silly idea to begin with), just the zone-names.

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That's actually on the ToDo list. A future version of NicTool will have a "domain template" feature. One of the defining characteristics of a domain templates will be having exactly zero nameservers.

In the meantime, a PR that implements such a change would be looked up favorably.