Adding toplevel records to a domain via the web interface

Started by sjbauer, November 05, 2014, 08:53:37 AM

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Setup:  Apache 2.2.27
Nictool Client:  version 2.28
Nictool Server: version 2.28

How does one go about adding a record in at the top of a dns zone in the web interface?

For Example:

I want to add a mail exchanger (MX) for

When I go to add a record to the zone, the web page has the resource record name as:


It will not allow the name field to be blank.

So, how does one go about adding a top level entry to the domain?



You can use the FQDN, such as:  MX

or the shortcut @:

@   MX


In the web interface, the name field has the domain "tacked" on after it already and it is in bold so I was assuming it can't be changed.  See the attached jpg for what I am talking about in the name field.



That's correct, b/c most anything you put in there is going to be included within that domain, unless you specifically fully qualify it (with a trailing dot).