installing multiple instances of nictool (views/locations)

Started by jwest, June 25, 2014, 05:11:34 PM

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We have nictool running for public dns, but want to also have a separate private dns server (for internal ips).

I'd rather not install a completely separate webserver, so I was wondering if it was possible to have "separate" nictool installations on the same machine with the same instance of apache. Most of this I already know how to do with the exception of the PerlRequire lines that pull in the nictoolclient and nictoolserver conf's. The docs show these two directives being outside VH containers. If they can be put inside VH containers I can proceed the above direction. But if not... I'd guess I need two separate instances of apache? Thoughts?


Haven't tried it. In every case I've considered using split horizon DNS, it was easier to put the handful of DNS entries into unbound.conf and call it done.


Wish our internal DNS entries were "just a handful" :)

So I just blindly moved the PerlRequire lines from httpd.conf (general settings) to vh container(s), and it doesn't appear to have broken anything. So far so good.

Next will be to try and rename the MySQL database and just change nictoolserver.conf and nictoolclient.conf to reflect that and see if that introduces any brokenness. Then we could have different nictool databases per VH (one for external DNS, one for internal).

If THAT works ok, then I'll try to set up two different vhosts - one to manage external dns servers and one to manage internal dns servers. I suspect I can't use the same install and just different PerlRequire for each VH, so hopefully the software doesn't depend on ....www/nictool being called that and I can create .../www/nictool1 and .../www/nictool2 (two completely different installations).

If anyone knows that I'm heading down a "bad path", let me know!