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simscan + clamav > 0.95.3

Started by tomas.randa, February 10, 2011, 09:16:56 PM

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I have problem with sending attachments after upgrade clamav to version 0.96 / 0.97. Problem is with /var/qmail/simscan permissions, because simscan save attachments with chmod 600 and clamav can`t read it for scan. The only solution I found is changing simscan user to clamav, but I`d like to ask for correct solution (because some time ago user was changed from clamav to simscan).

Thanks a lot for your time.

Tomas Randa


Hi Tomas
I have the same problem upgrading to Clamav 0.97.  Can you explain how exactly you fix the /var/qmail/simscan permission?  I have been trying for three days now with no success.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


The solution is to change simscan_user to clamav (from simscan) in toaster-watcher.conf. It is functional, but not correct - because some time ago, the simscan user was changed to simscan from clamav :)