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Can't Send More Than One Message Per SMTP Session

Started by macdude, October 31, 2010, 02:48:04 PM

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First off, many thanks for the Mac OS X support in your Mail-Toaster script. From reading through the forums it doesn't look like a lot of people use Mac OS X, but I appreciate the fact it's there.

My old qmail setup was installed 8 years ago on Yellow Dog Linux for PPC. It was getting hard to upgrade that thing, so I made the change to Mac OS X.

I installed the Mail-Toaster onto my OS X box running 10.4 using the Mail_Toaster_5.13 script.

The few modifications I made were:

1.) Changed the sourceforge download links ( they are always changing...)
2.) Uses MacPorts instead of DarwinPorts
3.) Applied patch to ezmlm so mailing lists work on HFS case-insensitive volumes

Everything works great, EXCEPT one small issue that has me stumped. I've checked various forums online but have come up empty-handed. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am unable to perform more than one MAIL FROM: action in a single session.

Here's what happens. I send an email in Apple Mail (or any other program or CLI) and it sends successfully. If I try to send another email within 60 seconds (the timeout for the mail session), Mail tells me it is unable to send the email. If I hit send again, then it goes through.

To diagnose, I performed the transactions from the command line and this is what happens.

thequad:~ macdude$ telnet 25
Connected to mail.mydomain.net.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 mail.mydomain.net ESMTP
EHLO thequad.mydomain.net
250-SIZE 0
235 ok, go ahead (#2.0.0)
MAIL FROM: macdude@mydomain.net
250 ok
RCPT TO: pcdude@someotherdomain.com
250 ok
354 go ahead
TO: pcdude@someotherdomain.com
FROM: macdude@mydomain.net

This is a test message
250 ok 1288163570 qp 17625
250 ok
MAIL FROM: macdude@mydomain.net
250 ok
Connection closed by foreign host.

I log in, authenticate and send my first message. Without sending QUIT and still in the same SMTP session, after attempting to do another MAIL FROM: I get a 250 ok and then the connection immediately closes. I can sit there and do a NOOP or RCPT TO: ( it tells me MAIL FROM: first) or whatever, but as soon as I send a MAIL FROM: the connection closes.

At first I thought I was getting a tarpit delay, but my tarpitdelay is set to 5 and tarpitcount is 50. I checked Concurrencyremote setting and it is set at 20. I checked the mail logs (both /var/log/mail.log and /var/log/mail/smtp/current) and the system.log but nothing logs when the connection closes.

I am posting my SMTP run config in case it points to a mis-configuration

export PATH
if [ ! -f /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts ]; then
        echo "No /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts!"
        echo "Refusing to start SMTP listener because it'll create an open relay"
        exit 1
exec    /opt/local/sbin/softlimit -m 15360000 \
        /opt/local/bin/tcpserver -H -R -v -c20 -x /opt/local/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb -u 89 -g 89 0 smtp \
        /opt/local/bin/rblsmtpd -c \
                -r dnsbl.sorbs.net \
                -r korea.services.net \
                -r dsn.rfc-ignorant.org \
                -r abuse.rfc-ignorant.org \
                -r whois.rfc-ignorant.org \
                -r postmaster.rfc-ignorant.org \
                -r bogusmx.rfc-ignorant.org \
                -r zen.spamhaus.org \
        qmail-smtpd /opt/local/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /usr/bin/true \

If I forgot to include any pertinent information please let me know.

Thanks for your help.


That one is new to me. Although I still write Mail::Toaster on a Mac, I haven't done any testing of a Mac OS X toaster in a couple years. If you do figure out the problem, I'd gladly accept a patch that resolves it.