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September 25, 2021, 11:02:30 AM

Multiple Issues

Started by DawgE, October 12, 2009, 03:40:45 AM

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Well here I am again working on installing Mail::Toaster on a FreeBSD box.  I have gone through my Linux phase and found I need the Linux box for something else so re-installing the toaster on a FreeBSD Box.

1)  Ran into a problem with Apache hanging on install.  Fixed that by following a few different threads in here,  mainly rebuilding perl, and making sure all the make deps *** installed properly.

2)  then ran into a problem with vpopmail and got that fixed by re-installing p5-DBD

3) EZMLM did not install.  Had to install manually from Ports

4)  Now qmail won't install.  stuck at installing SSL certificates.

I am running FreeBSD 7.2, with Perl 5.10

Should I just trash this installation since I have had so many problems with work arounds and go to FreeBSD 5.5 as Matt suggested,  or maybe 6.2?



Definitely install on 7.2, but there's a number of issues in the installer right now, and I'm working on a new version. It just isn't released yet. I might release it before it's ready, since there's a laundry list of problems with the current version.

I just don't want people to upgrade to the new version yet, and cause themselves problems.


Any eta on when the updated install will be available? Time to build a new toaster as the old one is on its last legs.



I'm also looking to do a fresh install in the next day or two (on FreeBSD 7.1 - since it is an extended support release).  It sounds like the new installer would be safe for a clean install. If there are problems with the currently released one, I'd be happy to provide feedback and testing on the new one to avoid those issues.

Also, dumb question, but I did look - how do I subscribe to the mailing list and where are the archives?



A early release has been made, and was announced on the mailing list.