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This is way Frustrating..!!! Installation problem with vpopmail

Started by ksscendyn, December 10, 2005, 09:20:11 AM

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vpopmail version 5.4.6 currently installed.
/usr/local/vpopmail/etc already exists, skipping.
authentication module: mysql
rebuild tcpserver file: no
roaming users: yes
FAILURE: vpopmail-5.4.8.tar.gz is not a gzip compressed file!
Couldn't expand vpopmail-5.4.8.tar.gz!
at /usr/local/sbin/toaster_setup.pl line 118

now no matter if I change it to be correct in /usr/loca/etc/toaster-watcher.conf to read 5.4.6 it still does this and no matter if I update the ports tree it does this.

I reinstalled the toaster 3 times once with 4.11 and once with 5.4 and once with 6.0 and every FUCKING time I get stuck on this part .. what am I doing wrong peeps?

Im sorry just wasted 34 hours of time on this and its for a customer

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong with the portupgrade or what?  
--Lil Van Dammage


had the same problem

change it in the toaster config file to the latest version your port downloads (5.4.8 or whatever)

THEN copy the port source file from /usr/ports/distfiles/ to /usr/local/src/mail

rerun toaster_setup


Dam I feel dumb that worked

Matt I will still need you to help me LOL

Im sure of it!!!

hahah paid him $75 like usual then comes a fix if I only new to do this last night ARGG!
--Lil Van Dammage


i'm getting this same thing.. i got around part of it by saying "port" for qmailadmin in toaster-watcher.conf, BUT, not iw's doing the same thing on qmailadmin-help.. and there's no such setting in toaster-watcher.

any idea what's causing this and how to acyually fix it instead of bandaid our way around it?