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September 25, 2021, 11:31:59 AM

MT6 - Haraka

Started by AHeck, September 06, 2014, 05:33:15 PM

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Following the steps at https://www.tnpi.net/wiki/MT6_SMTP

Haraka won't start - it throws a crit error in /var/log/messages:
smtp haraka[19316]: [CRIT] [-] [core] [server] Scanning queue failed. Shutting down.

Tried debug level logging but it hasn't exposed any additional errors.  Google-fu has failed me - I get only the github source file [server.js] that contains this message.  Any ideas?

Haraka startup dump follows:
[root@smtp /usr/local]# service haraka start
loglevel: LOGINFO
Starting up Haraka version 2.5.1-toaster
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugins
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: process_title
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: log.syslog
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: connect.p0f
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: connect.geoip
[INFO] [-] [core] loaded 6791 Public Suffixes
[INFO] [-] [core] loaded TLD files: 1=442 2=4542 3=283
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: connect.asn
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: connect.fcrdns
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: dnsbl
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: connect.p0f
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: helo.checks
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: tls
[INFO] [-] [tls] loading tls.ini
[INFO] [-] [tls] loading tls_key.pem
[INFO] [-] [tls] loading tls_cert.pem
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: auth/auth_vpopmaild
[INFO] [-] [auth/auth_vpopmaild] loading auth_vpopmaild.ini
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: max_unrecognized_commands
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: mail_from.is_resolvable
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: spf
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: rcpt_to.qmail_deliverable
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: bounce
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: data.headers
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: data.uribl
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: attachment
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: clamd
[INFO] [-] [clamd] Loading excludes file
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: spamassassin
[INFO] [-] [spamassassin] loading spamassassin.ini
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: data.dmarc
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: dkim_sign
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: karma
[INFO] [-] [karma] loading karma.ini
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: queue/smtp_forward
[INFO] [-] [core] Loading plugin: watch/server


Fixed, thanks to Yakulu on irc.freenode.net#haraka.  Just needed to mkdir /usr/local/haraka/queue.

[23:58] <Yakulu> aheck, you may modify the server.js file and log the error
[23:58] <Yakulu> line 117, with for example a console.log(err);
[23:59] <Yakulu> if I read correctly outbound.js, it may be a problem with your queue directory, unreadable from node
[23:59] <Yakulu> have to go, good luck
[00:13] <aheck> Thank you so much!  I'll try that immediately.
[00:20] <aheck> Perfect, that did the trick.  No queue directory was exactly the problem...not sure why "haraka -i" didn't create it as part of the config but creating it has moved me onto the next error.


Glad you figured it out. I've haven't seen that issue yet, but I'll watch for it next time I do a test build.