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nt_export_djb.pl has hardcoded location for tinydns-data

Started by monachus, June 18, 2009, 08:25:25 PM

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On line 353 of nt_export_djb.pl the location of the tinydns-data script is hardcoded to /usr/local/bin.  This should be a configurable option, perhaps a variable at the top of the file, a parameter with a default, or else some logic to find the binary itself.  At the very least, it should test that the binary exists before calling it and exit gracefully (with a nice error) - not with the error that tinydns-data exited with some arbitrary and non-useful error code.

my $djb_error = system("/usr/local/bin/tinydns-data");
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-    my $djb_error = system("/usr/local/bin/tinydns-data");
+    my $tinydata = '/usr/local/bin/tinydns-data';
+    $tinydata = '/usr/bin/tinydns-data' if ! -x $tinydata;
+    die "unable to find tinydns-data" if ! -x $tinydata;
+    my $djb_error = system($tinydata);