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Can't creat Subgroup without Nameserver

Started by torusturtle, February 06, 2008, 06:02:44 PM

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It is not possible to create a subgroup in the root account without selecting a nameserver.
I always get the message: "usable_nameservers"

I have to create a nameserver in the root account, select that one when creating the subgroup and then move the nameserver to the subgroup.

Any ideas how to create new subgroups without selected nameservers?



February 08, 2008, 08:09:42 AM #1 Last Edit: February 08, 2008, 08:30:24 AM by jfdesir

You can create your subgroups by mysql command line

Nictool  (ID=1)
---------DOMAIN (ID =3)

consider you have a group with nt_group_id ->3

mysql -u nictooluser -pPassword -h host

mysql> INSERT INTO nt_group (parent_group_id,name) VALUES('3','your_sub_group');

Consider your subgroub whit the ID 5  and the root group is nictool with an ID off 1

mysql> INSERT INTO nt_group_subgroups (nt_group_id,nt_subgroup_id,rank) VALUES('3','5','1000');
mysql> INSERT INTO nt_group_subgroups (nt_group_id,nt_subgroup_id,rank) VALUES('1','5','999');

mysql> INSERT INTO nt_perm (nt_group_id,group_write,group_create) VALUES('5','0','0');

Now you have your subgroup without nameserver.