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wierd subgroup problem

Started by etherealnet, March 25, 2005, 06:09:53 AM

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I have 3 groups of dns servers setup as subgroups under the nictool group as follows:

---nothing here

all groups are on the same subgroup levels. Everything seems to work fine and users created under each subgroup have the correct permissions to only use the nameservers assigned to their group.

However when logged in as root user if I select add newzone to add a new zone under any of the above groups I am presented with three nameservers, the two from the subgroup as should be and ns1.group1.com. This makes no sense to me, I have combed through all the nictool tables and cannot find out why it always gives me  the option to add any new zone to ns1.group1.com. Any ideas on where to look would be greatly appreciated.



I managed to fix this finally. I had originally created this ns1.netgoldinc.com nameserver under the nictool group and then moved it into the subgroup. This left behind some artifacts in the nt_perm table where nt_group_id 1 (admin group) had the nameserver_id for ns1.netgoldinc.com listed under usable_ns0 field. I simply manually took this out of the db and all is good.