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October 18, 2021, 07:11:33 PM

IP of a DNS-Server

Started by rainer_d, August 26, 2013, 09:18:05 AM

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currently, my NicTool has the "real" IPs of the DNS-servers setup in Nictool->Nameserver.
However, I might soon be in a situation where a dedicated administration-network is used to send the zone-data to the nameservers.
As such, the IPs don't change - I just don't want to use these IPs to do the rsync.

How can I handle this situation with NicTool?
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That's just fine.

The IP's in the nameserver definition are used only for the exports, and they don't have to match the IPs of the nameserver. In many common cases, they don't. Just keep in mind that those IPs are hard coded in the Makefile that was generated for you, and you'll need to manually update that as well.



OK, now that I looked at it more closely, it seems to "Just work".
I actually have the (correct) A Records in the zone of the domain of the nameserver.

Now, I just hope the guy who writes our billing software can interface it to NicTool and then I'm set.
I've been using NicTool since 2005 and those servers are probably the most reliable thing in our datacenter (that is actually used...).

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