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Problem importing from tinydns (using zone2nic.pl) - no nameservers

Started by ipdoug, June 26, 2012, 01:01:03 AM

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I am using the zone2nic.pl including in the software package and I am getting an error.  We run tinydns.

util01 contrib # ./zone2nic.pl -s localhost -z dev.domain.net
Name "NicToolServerAPI::use_https_authentication" used only once: possible typo at ./zone2nic.pl line 62.
NicTool Username: root
NicTool Password:
Logged in as Root User
Bind to dns01.domain.net.? [y] y
Bind to dns02.domain.net.? [y] y
Bind to dns03.domain.net.? [y] y
Bind to dns04.domain.net.? [y] y
   *** Transfer of dev.domain.net failed: no nameservers

Looking up this error yields little.  Has anyone else had this problem?