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Proxy loop

Started by spandit, September 10, 2008, 07:47:20 PM

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I set up my Linux box as described and now when I try to access www.mac.com/..../accountInfo, for example, it points to my local file, as planned. However, my hosts file contains:      www.mac.com

So the proxy statements are just looping, giving me errors and meaning the whole thing doesn't work.

If I try changing the last proxy entry to:
ProxyPass / http://www.mach.com   # I chose this because it was only one letter

Trying to go to www.mac.com from my Macbook goes to www.mach.com (which makes sense) but trying to access accountInfo goes to my local server, which also makes sense.

Taking the superfluous "h" out gives me errors again, as the computer is trying to access www.mac.com which it thinks is itself, if you see what I mean.

Any pointers from the experts?


Ah, OK. Removed the www.mac.com entry from my server /etc/hosts file, which helped a bit, but it's still looking for /home/idisk/www.mac.com/configurations