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www.tnpi.net is a POOR distribution choice...

Started by undisclosed, April 25, 2007, 06:36:16 PM

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Will the developers of NicTool be using a reliable distributon
service for their projects soon? May I recommend Freshmeat,
and Sourceforge? I know that one or the other may not be
available for short periods of time. But by using both
of them, you can guarantee  that at least one of them
will be available. They also carry a proven track record
with almost no failure.
Why do I suggest these, you ask?
It seems that the folks at: tnpi.net are still learning MySQL and
PHP programming. As any attempt to download the projects
offered here result in:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function gen_order_number() in
on line 255

I can tell you from programming since 1975 on a regular basis
that there is no excuse for this. Point being; Internet surfing
generally results in short attention spans by clients. This usually
means that if your product isn't available the first time they
attempt to obtain it. They will likely simply find something comparable
and available somewhere else. And have completely forgotten
about you. It also tends to leave a less than warm fuzzy feeling
in the back of their mind, when thinking of, or seeing it's name in
the future.
Just thought it might be of interest.

Best wishes, and great looking site. :)