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NicTool works - dnsqueries don't

Started by Nick Cockinos, September 19, 2006, 01:42:03 PM

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Nick Cockinos

Hi all,
Good news! I have a working NicTool system! Local and remote servers are updated with zone changes!

I have a question I hope Matt or someone can answer for me though.

In the DNS & Host cache section on the install page for djbdns (http://www.tnpi.biz/internet/dns/djbdns-freebsd.shtml)
it shows:
Quotetinydns-conf bind bin /usr/local/tinydns
axfrdns-conf bind bin /usr/local/axfrdns /usr/local/tinydns
vi /usr/local/axfrdns/tcp; (and add the following line above the :deny statement)


cd /usr/local/axfrdns; make; cd $owd
ln -s /usr/local/tinydns /service/
ln -s /usr/local/axfrdns /service/

I've followed the above and can resolve from localhost, however if I try to connect to the server(s) externally, all requests timeout.

Should I substitute tinydns-conf bind bin /usr/local/tinydns ip.ad.dr.ess with:
tinydns-conf bind bin /usr/local/tinydns-myconfigured.nictool.nameserver ip.ad.dr.ess
axfrdns-conf /usr/local/axfrdns /usr/local/tinydns-myconfigured.nictool.nameserver ip.ad.dr.ess

Will this enable host lookups from external machines? And do I have to use the real world addres for dnscache as well?

Thanks in advance.

Nick Cockinos

Nick Cockinos

So 101 views means i have someones attention....

Does anyone have even as mauch as a yes or no answer to my question????  PLEASE!!!!



I use dnscache for queries :-) Just add the IP space to env.