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Can't show more than 20 subgroups

Started by rainer_d, March 16, 2006, 08:31:19 PM

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we hit a bug with 2.03 that in the left subgroup-tree, it doesn't display more than 20 subgroups.
Then, in the main frame, where the complete list should be browsable ten items at a time, when I click on the little "next page" arrow, it suddenly switches into zone-list mode.


I found the

$NicToolClient::zone_search_in_group_list = 1;

entry in nictoolclient.conf (and it seems to at least re-enable the little arrows), but I still think this behaviour is a bit strange.

Can somebody confirm this?

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Hi Rainer,

can confirm that. Same behaviour in my Test-Installation and in the demo-suite.