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December 04, 2021, 09:27:24 PM

Create childns

Started by itcbgb, June 29, 2005, 04:48:13 AM

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Has anyone been able to create a childns going to a different set of dns servers.  Example:

xxx.com -> ns1.xxx.com & ns2.xxx.com
yyy.xxx.com -> ns3.yyy.xxx.com & ns4.yyy.xxx.com

where all four dns servers are on different IP's/boxes.

Once I add the NS records to xxx.com for yyy.xxx.com (and the appropriate glue A records). I can't create the yyy.xxx.com subdomain ( I get an error message telling me to delete yyy.xxx.com records from xxx.com).  However, if I delete the yyy.xxx.com NS entries from xxx.com, then obviously a lookup of yyy.xxx.com or *.yyy.xxx.com fails because the parent doesn't know it exists.  What am I missing?


If I add the appropriate NS records to xxx.com (with glue) and then build the subdomain DNS servers outside of NicTool (using just the normal DJBDNS tools), everything works. I guess that leaves me with having to install a second copy of NicToolClient/Server that utilizes a different database to manage these (sub)domains/DNS servers.