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Import from data.orig

Started by rharris, May 16, 2005, 10:42:07 AM

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I have a client whose nictool crashed and they did not have a backup of thier NicTool DB. They managed to recover the data.orig file that the data.cdb is generated from, Does anyone know a fast way to import that directly into NiCtool ?

Thanks !



Yikes. I know of no such import tool, and in the future, I recommend installing my mysql_replicate_manager.  Have it run with -b on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, whatever) to back up all your MySQL databases:

[matt@cadillac] ~ % sudo mysql_replicate_manager.pl -b
loading private modules...done.
loading public modules...done.
   ****    ****    MySQL Replication Manager 2.11    ****     ****
                          by Matt Simerson
backup: beginning mysql_backup.
time: 1116355053
get_the_date: 2005/05/17 14:37
backup: backup root is /var/backups/mysql.
mkdir /var/backups/mysql/2005/05/17 failed.
chdir_source_dir: trying again with mkdir -p
backup: backup file is mysql_full_dump.
syscmd: /usr/local/bin/mysqldump --all-databases --opt --password=mwka | /usr/local/sbin/cronolog /var/backups/mysql/%Y/%m/%d/mysql_full_dump
syscmd: result: 768
backup: running /usr/bin/gzip /var/backups/mysql/2005/05/17/mysql_full_dump

All done.


hehe,  Mine are backed up Smile   This is one of those customers that I built the install for them , but they were smarter than me and ran it themselves Smile And ingnored all my reccomedations ..  Soo ..