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djbdns - jumbo patch compatibility

Started by lpther, May 13, 2005, 01:28:13 AM

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I am relatively sure that the answer is yes, but is nictool compatible with djbdns installed with the jumbo patch?

From what I can see, the patch that permits to support multiple zone files to be compiled with tinydns-data is the only one that *could* affect the exporting process.

I am sorry if this topic has been covered, but if not it's worth mentioning.

Link to jumbo patch homesite:
http://www.ro.kde.org/djbdns/mywork/jumbo/" target="_blank">http://www.ro.kde.org/djbdns/mywork/jumbo/

We will begin the test setup soon with djbdns and Nictool, and it's gonna kick ass. It's sad there is not more documentation though.