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NicToolClient 2.03 beta

Started by matt, April 20, 2005, 06:53:46 AM

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I have NicToolClient 2.03 updated and I think it's quite close to release quality.  I'm looking for some interested parties to test it before final release.

New changes are:
  a template feature - create a set of zone records when adding new zones
  a batch add feature - create add a list of new zones using a template

Those features work quite well, but you're welcome to test them. One thing that could be added is a bit of Javascript that would assure that an IP address is entered if a person chooses to use a template.

Lastly, I tracked down the problem that was causing some of the scripts to choke when run with "use strict" pragma and fixed them.

Things to pay attention to in testing would be those related to these changes.





URL sent via PM.

The one "known" issue is that zones added via "Batch Add" function don't have the nameservers added.


Matt ,

  Need any more Beta's ?  I could really test the template system about now.


Still looking for beta-testers?  I'm game!



The beta period is now over. I'll be releasing NicToolClient and NicToolServer 2.03 as soon as I get the time.


NicTool 2.03 has been released and is available for download from the store.

All known bugs are fixed. The new features work well.