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PowerDNS with Nictool

Started by chandank, April 22, 2013, 04:28:30 AM

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Has anyone tried NicTool with PowerDNS? I got some information from the githhub page. From what I understood is point both NicTool and PowerDNS to same DB and it should work. I tried to run nt_powerdns.pl but does not seems to get it work. Pointer to any document will also be very helpful.

Also, we have been using Nitcool with TinyDNS backend and now want to switch either to BIND/PowerDNS to have Split horizon feature. So I will have to import all TinyDNS records to the new DNS as well. If anyone has already done it, could you please share the steps/Doc it will be really helpful for me.


I added a link on the PowerDNS page, to Arthur's "How I integrated PowerDNS and NicTool".  It was his work on doing the post-export validation that led to the new nt_export -postflight, which accomplishes the same goal, but much smarter, having the benefit of being able to peek into the database.

I did one test install of PowerDNS using the BIND backend. You just declare to NicTool that you're exporting to BIND. When nt_export.pl generates the Makefile that pushes the data to the nameserver, you'll find entries in there for user with PowerDNS instead of BIND. Use them.  :)

If the goal is to get split horizon support, the problem isn't with the tinydns backend. Tinydns has always supported locations. When I wrote the new exports, I added location support to the tinydns exports, and added the columns necessary to the database. There's just no ability in NicTool client yet to edit locations for zones or records.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for prompt response. So does Nictool's client supports Location/Split Horizon for any other DNS? (Tiny/Power/BIND). As you said NicTool client yet to support edit locations for Zones or records, does that mean it does not support for any Backend or just for Tiny? I have been using Nictool UI for a while, but hardly have any knowledge of how it works.


At present, there is no NicTool client support for DNS locations. However, the columns for location data exist in the NicTool database, and the tinydns exports have location support. IE, if the location information finds its way into the database, it will get exported to the tinydns data file.

There is no support for exporting location information to BIND yet. However, you may be able to use BIND template support for configuring views.