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toaster_setup.pl is the primary tool you'll use to build, upgrade, or repair a Mail::Toaster. There are a few options flags and many build targets. You can run toaster_setup.pl without any parameters to see what options are available. You can expect that output to be more current than the documentation.

The code that does the work for each toaster_setup.pl target (ie, toaster_setup.pl -s maildrop) lives within the various Mail::Toaster modules. Most qmail functions all live in Mail::Toaster::Qmail, apache related functions are in Mail::Toaster::Apache, and most all other build functions are in Mail::Toaster::Setup.

The code is all in OOP (object oriented perl) so even if you aren't a perl programmer, it's fairly straight forward to read through the code and see exactly what's happening.


toaster_setup.pl can be passed several flags.

  • -s [ section ] - run without a parameter to see the available options
  • -d [ debug ] - enable (very) verbose debugging output
  • -a [ action ] - default action is "install".

An -a upgrade option is planned.


Last modified on 4/7/05.