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  • maillogs has been fully integrated into the Mail::Toaster bundle. This document is now depreciated and all future changes will be documented in the Mail::Toaster changelog.

2.65 - 12.14.2003

  • pop3 processing had incorrect logs variable being called.
  • sendlog and smtplog processing, Count__ subs weren't getting passed the count hash.
  • Prototyped every subroutine so when I don't pass enough arguments, my tests will complain
  • Create any counter files that don't exit
  • These changes should resolve all the known problems with logging.

2.64 - 12.02.2003

  • This code is now a well behaved Perl module. That's good because now I can use this code to make more intelligent decisions about how the system is build (and subsequently upgraded) when running and
  • Automatically installed as part of Mail::Toaster
  • updates to Mail::Toaster::Logs added Roll????Logs to @EXPORT so ./????log will work again.
  • some dimwit had told ParseConfFiles to read toaster-watcher.conf and then put all the config values in toaster.conf. Fixed. (Be sure to update your toaster.conf file!)
  • Finished up the conversion from a standalone program into Mail::Toaster::Logs module. Updated all the subs, verified they were getting the right parameters passed.
  • Tested all features and then installed on my production server. It works again. :)


  • Installing this version is not a good idea. Lots of changes, little testing.

2.62 - 11.26.2003

  • last standalone release. Now completely absolved into Mail::Toaster

2.61 - 11.01.2003

  • chomp the newlines in pop & imap counter files
  • Added squirrelmail logging entry to FAQ
  • Added "make web" target to simplify updating web page
  • Add cvs id tags to maillogs, Makefile.PL, and *.pod

2.60 - 10.26.2003

  • Added more prefs to make customizing maillogs easier
  • Added CountSpam (Qmail-Scanner and SpamAssassin logs)
  • Added smtp-auth and webmail log counting
  • Renamed much of the SMTP subs and variables to reflect their rblsmtpd usage (relative to maillogs)
  • Removed a bunch of die calls and replaced them with warns
  • Other code "pretty ups" to make reading easier
  • Made into Perl package (added Makefile.PL, README,
  • Don't attempt to compress yesterdays logs if a .gz already exists in the log dir.
  • Make test now does regression testing. This will help me catch most bugs before I release maillogs.
  • original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options h2xs -X -b 5.0.0 Mail::Logs
  • Next version will be a modularized perl package

2.5.4 - 10.23.2003

  • Don't try to control pop3d if courier is the pop3 log type


  • Added webmail counters

2.5.2 - 09.20.2003

  • POP3 counters incremented incorrectly. fixed.

2.5.0 - 09.18.2003

  • Added preference for tai files and archive files.
  • Fixed problems with MUA counters getting reset by syslog. Now we keep track of the last count and if syslog rolls the logfile we notice and feed ever increasing numbers into RRDtool, like it expects.
  • POP3 reporting was screwy. Updated to match what RRDUtil expects.

2.4.3 - 09.16.2003

  • Finally fixed the mkdir call that inverted the arguments.
  • The counters directly now gets created automatically.

2.4.2 - 09.16.2003

  • Added full path call to Date::Format in SetupDateVariables

2.4.1 - 09.13.2003

  • Run isoqlog if its on the system.

2.4 - 09.05.2003

  • Added dependency on MATT::Perl
  • Offer to install Date::Parse & Date::Format if they aren't
  • Formatting updates
  • Hopefully fixed so counters directory will get created

2.3 - 07.09.2003

  • Added pod documenation.
  • Added dependency on MATT::Utility

2.2 - 05.12.2003

  • Added more reliable pop3 imap log processing and counting.

2.1 - 05.02.2003

  • Check if counters dir exists, create if if not
  • Check if sendlog.txt exists, ignore if not
  • Verify that maillogs is installed in /usr/local/sbin

2.0 - 03.20.2003

  • Almost a complete rewrite
  • use strict pragma enabled.
  • on-the-fly arrays cleaned up lots of extra code
  • Script can now be used as a multilog processor
  • maintains counters for efficiency

1.8 - 03.19.2001

  • Cleaned up script, removed a bunch of old stuff

1.7 - 03.05.2001

  • Moved imap, imapssl and pop3ssl log output to syslog.

1.6 - 03.05.2001

  • Cleaned up code, added daily rotation and compression for pop logs, delete logs over a month old.

1.5 - 11.30.2001

  • Added automatic log file compression.

1.4 - 11.13.2001

  • Finished log file processing trigged by snmp connection

1.3 - 11.06.2000

  • Added processing of pop & imap connections

1.1 - 11.06.2000

  • Added processing of outgoing messages

1.0 - 10.30.2000

  • Original Authoring

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