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ezmlm.cgi is a CGI frontend to ezmlm mailing lists. It allow batch subscriber additions and deletions to an Ezmlm list.

It consists of two files, the ezmlm.cgi and an ezmlm.tmpl file. The ezmlm.tmpl is (almost) pure HTML so you can customize it to suit your needs. You can insert your logo and alter which options are available to your users by editing toaster.conf. (Example)

I get "insecure dependency" errors, what's wrong?

The Mail::Ezmlm doesn't check the form inputs for validity. Since ezmlm.cgi must run suid (so that it has access to the vpopmail authentication functions), perl does taint checks and it fails the tests. There is a patch in the Mail::Toaster contrib directory that must be applied (until the Mail::Ezmlm author gets around to adding it to the released version.

Last modified on 6/1/05.