05. install programs home : internet : mail : toaster : install : 06. install qmail 07. install mail retrieval programs

Step 6: Install Qmail (patch info)

  • toaster_setup.pl -s qmail

More information about qmail is available in the qmail FAQ entry.

Misc. Trivia

Astute observers will notice that qmail has already been installed, and is being installed again. This is necessary to resolve a chicken and egg type problem. The version of qmail we want includes the chk-user patch and will check vpopmail to see if a users exists before accepting the message. In order to install it though, it has to link against the vpopmail libraries. Since vpopmail depends on qmail, it won't install unless qmail exists first. To resolve this, we do a generic qmail installation, then install vpopmail, and finally re-install the highly customized version of qmail that we'll be using.

Last modified on 4/29/05.