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How do I find statistics about my mail queue:

  • 1. qmail queue | more
  • 2. qqtool -a list
  • 3. rrdutil
  • 4. isoqlog
  • 5. Manually feed qmail-send output through matchup and pipe the results through a processor (all one one line):

/usr/local/qmailanalog/bin/matchup < /var/log/mail/send/current | /usr/local/qmailanalog/bin/z*

where z* is one of the following:

  • zddist, zdeferrals, zfailures, zoverall, zrecipients, zrhosts, zrxdelay, zsenders, zsuccesses, zsuids

Whats the best way to view/expire messages from the queue?

Use qqtool, it's included in the Mail::Toaster distribution.

How can I get notifications of email stuck in the queue?

see qmail-notify

Last modified on 4/28/05.