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I created a mailing list in qmailadmin and selected "web archive". How do I publish that archive on my web site?

The Ezmlm package comes with ezmlm-cgi, a program for doing just that. Since all your email lists on a Mail::Toaster are managed by qmailadmin, they are owned by the vpopmail user. Your web server will need access to the files so you need to install ezmlm-cgi suid vpopmail. A very basic example of this might be:

  • chdir /usr/local/www/cgi-bin
  • cp /usr/local/bin/ezmlm-cgi ezmlm.cgi
  • chown vpopmail:vchkpw ezmlm.cgi
  • chmod 4755 ezmlm.cgi

Then you must edit /usr/local/etc/ezcgirc and set up the list parameters.

  • more /usr/local/etc/ezmlm/ezcgirc
  • 0;89;/usr/local/vpopmail/domains/simerson.net/mail-toaster;-mail-toaster@simerson.net;[Toaster Home]=http://www.tnpi.biz/internet/mail/toaster/

Read the man page (man ezmlm-cgi) for additional instructions on how to set up and use it.

Last modified on 6/2/05.