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How do I delete old messages?

toaster_watcher.pl includes this functionality. Simply enable it within toaster-watcher.conf and it will do the job for you. The following options are available to customize exactly what messages get cleaned up.

  • maildir_clean_interval = 7 # The # of days between cleanup runs

This is the "master" switch for all the following cleanup options. If this is set to zero, nothing below matters.

  • maildir_clean_Read = 0 # remove read messages
  • maildir_clean_Unread = 365 # remove unread messages (days)
  • maildir_clean_Sent = 180 # sent messages over x days are removed
  • maildir_clean_Trash = 14 # trashed messages over x days are removed
  • maildir_clean_Spam = 14 # spam messages over x days are removed

The values shown are the defaults and can be configured to suit your preferences.

Last modified on 4/28/05.