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Disable logs_isoqlog in toaster.conf

If you have a very busy mail server (lots of messages per day) it can be burdensome for the system to keep the isoqlog stats updated every 5 minutes (when rrdutil triggers sendlog). If it takes a long time for rrdutil to run, you may consider disabling logs_isoqlog and instead running it from cron. You can run it as infrequently as once a day but make sure that your send_log_maxsize_bytes is larger than 5 minutes worth of logs.

What volumes need to be shared in a cluster?


Everything else should be replicated from a "master" in the cluster to all the "slaves".

PHP ini sessions settings across all NFS clients

We're running a load balancer / fail over across our servers. We had to share both PHP sessions and the file attachment folder across all nodes in order to get everything to work right.

Attachments can get unruly after a while, so every night I dump all attachments over 2 days old via crontab:

0 2 * * 0-6 /usr/bin/find /var/spool/squirrelmail/attach/ -atime +2 -exec /bin/rm {} \;

Last modified on 5/24/05.