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Once your Mail::Toaster is installed, you need to configure it. Certain pieces, like the SMTP servers will not even work until you have configured your server properly.

Step 1: Configure DNS

Since mail routing is dependent on properly configured DNS. You will need to get DNS configured for each domain you want to collect mail for. Do not continue until the following command returns the hostname of your mail server:

  • dig +short mx

For some helpful DNS links have a look at my dns links.

Step 2: Add a domain

  • ~vpopmail/bin/vadddomain [password]
  • ~vpopmail/bin/vadduser [password]

Step 3: Run the test script

  • -s test

Step 4: Send some email

  • mail
  • Subject: test
  • test
  • .
  • ls ~vpopmail/domains/*

You should see a file in the new directory. If not, open up another terminal to the mail server and watch the mail log files with tail:

  • tail -F /var/log/mail/send/current &
  • tail -F /var/log/maillog &

Step 5: Test Apache

Point a web browser at You should see the index.cgi application there. If you don't, see the contrib/httpd-conf.diff in the Mail::Toaster distribution for the necessary changes to make to your httpd.conf.

If you have problems with Apache, check out the docs on the Apache web site as they are the most relevant. You have a very "standard" Apache install and it should just work unless your DNS is messed up.

Last modified on 4/8/05.